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Who We Are

Here at Deco & Grace we are a small company with big ideas. We focus on building stylish and modern lifestyle brands for the real world that emphasize our core values of social awareness, altruism and earth sustainable business practices.

We are just another group of dreamers hoping to one day change this big ol’ world.

Why We Care

We Genuinely believe in supporting the Community that supports our company.

Every Month, we shine a spotlight on a Featured Charity. We interview them, learn about their mission, their struggles, and their passion for their cause.


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What We Do

As style lovers on a budget, we set out to create DecoHive, a one of a kind, tailored curation experience for the everyday shopper.

With Vintage & Kind, we were driven to create a space where furniture, decor, and home accents of all styles could be listed to find a second home and dramatically reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills every year!

While Designing Theme Sheep Templates, our core team of talented Programmers and Graphic Designers focused on creating modern, stylish and responsive websites and templates for the contemporary blogger and company.

With Template Marketplace we have striven to create a cohesive, reputable and streamlined buying and selling experience for both the talented programmers who sell on our site and the savvy shoppers that purchase the instantly downloadable goods.

As an ever evolving company Deco & Grace embraces the latest and best in technology, innovation and design to bring you the most unique products, experiences and brands for the most affordable prices.