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Looking to drive traffic to your blog and gain exposure to a targeted audience of Home Decor Lovers and Interior Design Enthusiasts? Try Guest Blogging with us! We offer access to a fast growing, highly engaged community of readers who love all things Home! 

What’d ya wanna talk ’bout? 

Picking a topic for a guest post is as important as the actual writing itself! Our site excepts submissions about the following topics:

  • Kitchen & Food
  • Home Tech
  • Design & Architecture 
  • DIY and Arts & Crafts
  • Kids Crafts & Kids Decor
  • Interior Design & Decor
  • Furniture Restoration or Upcycling
  • Renovations
  • Gardening
  • Storage & Organization
  • Original Recipes
  • Seasonal & Holidays
  • Rental Decor & Small Space Living
  • House Tours 
  • Home Flipping & Real Estate

Give it to me Straight Sugar!

Here at Deco & Bloom, we LOVE our readers, so it is our primary goal to provide quality, uplifting, and inspiring content on a regular basis. We screen all of our posts very thoroughly to make sure our readers are presented with the best possible content for them. As such, we do not accept posts that contain any of the following content:

  • Violence
  • Sexual Language
  • Nudity
  • Offensive Language
  • Hate Speech
  • Gambling 
  • Suggestive Material
  • Affiliate Links

What’s the Scoop?

Okay, Now that you’ve got that stuff, let me give you the skinny on the rest.

  • If you are a Brand, this spot is not for you. We’d be more than happy to talk about sponsored posts Here Doll. ♥
  • Posts must be a minimum of 400 words, no one likes a quickie. ♥
  • Posts must include clear, vivid images. Don’t stress doll, our graphic design department will worry about putting together a cover photo and long pin out of the photos you provide.  ♥
  • If you want to tastefully water mark your photos, do your thing, but make sure it doesn’t obscure the image. ♥
  • Don’t Put Affiliate links in Guest Posts, we’ll just take ’em out anyway sugar. ♥
  • Worried about spelling and Grammar? Don’t sweat it! Our editors will give it a nice polish before it’s send off and away. ♥
  • Lovin’ SEO? We will link back to your site twice in your post. Once to your home page and once to the original post. If the article is original to D&B, we’ll hook you up with three links, cause we’re classy like that. ♥
  • Wanna Gab? Feel Free to respond to comments left on your article, or to leave comments on other blogger’s articles. We Are Family. ♥
  • Want the Hook Up? I sure hope so, because we’ll include links to your favorite social profiles (If you have them) at the bottom of your article so our readers can find you easier. ♥
  • Like the Lime light? We will promote your article on all of our social media outlets to D&B’s more than 21k total fans. ♥
  • Still have questions? email us at Support@DecoandBloom.com. ♥

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