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Feel Free to Pin & Share The Deco & Bloom Team

There are so many new blogs and sites cropping up everyday around the net that it can be hard to keep track of the ones that are truly worth paying attention to. At only 6 months into blogging Phoebe Vinson of Rebely Decor creates colorful and creative, eclectic style projects that certainly qualify her as one worth watching. Phoebe recently sat down with the Deco & Bloom team to discuss Rebely Decor, her family, and her big DIY dreams.

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Phoebe, thank’s for taking the time to speak with our readers today! Could you please tell us a little bit about your Background and Rebely Decor?

I am still new to blogging! It is been 6 months since I started Rebely Decor. So I guess you can say I am still a baby in the cyber world.

Rebely Decor is my outlet to share my DIY projects, and showcase my eclectic designs and lifestyle, all of which are budget friendly!

[Originally, I’m a] Jersey girl from a small beach town called Manasquan currently living in the big and beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina! I am one of 5 children [and] my family is very artistic. It is so inspiring!

My Dad designs and builds homes but also has a business; Curious Works, and he makes beautiful mirrors and fountains for clients.

My Mom isn’t the most talented drawer or painter (sorry mom) but she is an extraordinary writer and baker and my tummy thanks her!

As you can see, if I didn’t like art or pursue it in some way people would question if I was really related to my family!

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Obviously your family played a huge role in inspiring you to pursue art. What was the inspiration behind Starting Rebely Decor and your etsy shop?

Growing up I wanted to be just like my Dad! I loved that he created something beautiful out of virtually nothing. I remember I even had my own pair of pink work boots to match his tan ones!

If I saw something that I liked my dad would always say, “I can make that!” and sure enough he could.

My Dad played a huge role in my love and passion for art and being creative. As I got older I realized I had that same drive my Dad has. I would go to thrift stores and antique malls and I would find those not so pretty pieces, the ones that have collected a whole lot of dust and the ones that people usually walk right by, and I would give them a second chance. I would clean them off, paint them, give them some new hardware, maybe some new fabric, and they were like NEW!

I started to realize I did not need to buy things brand new in order for our home to be beautiful.

I would have friends and family ask me for their help when it came to decorating. So much so that I realized this was something I wanted to share with everyone and anyone who would care to learn.

That is how Rebely Decor came about!

I wanted to share my thrift store finds with the world so I could inspire them to step outside their normal “shopping comfort zone” and start shopping at Goodwill and other local thrift stores.

I wanted to show people that they are capable of creating beauty within their home, with their beautiful mind and own two hands. 

My etsy shop was created in the spring of 2015, before my blog ever existed.

I originally created it to sell handmade jewelry because I was too scared to sell my home décor pieces.

Nothing profitable comes out of operating in fear so I am now in the process of giving my etsy shop reconstructive surgery!

I have been locally selling tons of coffee tables, end tables, and other vintage pieces that I have refurbished and I am hoping to start showing that in my etsy shop within the next few weeks!


Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

The tagline of your site is Eclectic Design & DIY. On a personal level, how does that tagline connect to your life?

I am different.

I know that, and I love that about myself.

From my hair, which has been every color in the rainbow, to my love for Salvador Dali.

I have always been drawn to the quirky, broken, rusted, torn, funky things when it comes to décor and design. 

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

What do you feel has been your biggest milestone in the company thus far?

I think the biggest milestone for Rebely Decor thus far is just re-branding my company.

When I first started my blog it was called Budget Friendly Decor.

I had a lunch date with my sweet friend Emily, who is the face of Crisp Interiors. She has been blogging for a while now and has an online store.

At lunch, Emily really opened my eyes to how important it is to know your brand and make sure you are executing that vision clearly.

I spent the following days re-designing my blog.

Everything from the name to the layout to the color to the content, etc.

For a new blogger like myself, that was huge for me.

I finally feel at peace and understand what I want to get out of this blog and that is to teach others they are capable of creating beauty within their home and life.

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

How would you describe your personal sense of style and how does that reflect on the projects and products you create?

I laugh at it now, but looking back at old photos of our apartment I cringe a little inside.

When I first started getting into décor and design I thought I loved the farmhouse style.

I saw it everywhere!

From wedding décor to home décor I feel like all I saw was distressed this and rustic that.

[Farmhouse style decor] is absolutely beautiful, but I have come to realize that just isn’t who my husband and I are.

We are both goofy and quirky and we like the “weird” pieces that most people over look.

I love finding things that may not fit into a certain style and making it fit into “our style” which is eclectic!

We have a vintage record player/TV console, an emerald green couch (that I painted) an old rusted retro chair, chunky striped black and white curtains and a bright over dyed purple Persian rug.

I know that that is not everyone’s style, it is certainly different, but we LOVE it!

We found and/or refurbished almost every piece in our apartment and that is what makes it that much more special.

That is what I want others to realize when they read my blog.

They can find an old chair for $5 and they can create it to fit THEIR style.

For, for those who just do not want to take the time in refurbishing a piece, I get a sense of who they are and I do it for them.

They do not need to go spend $150 on a brand new chair in order to make their home a pretty place.

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Photo Property of Rebely Decor

Where do you see yourself, your family, and Rebely Decor in 5 years?

In 5 years I am hoping my husband and I have a baby or two hey maybe even three, and are living in a home of our own that is decorated in random yet beautiful things.

I also hope to be in the beginning stages of opening a Rebely Decor storefront!

[It] is my dream to have a shop filled with pieces that I find and refurbish and have them available for all of Charlotte and other surrounding areas to enjoy!

Thanks again to Phoebe for taking the time to speak with us. To visit her site Rebely Decor or her Etsy Shop please follow the links.


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