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20 Things in Your Home to Throw out Today

In our recent article, Let’s Clean House: 20 Things in Your Home to Donate Today, we took a look at the things that you have in your home that can be donated to a good cause. Today we wanted to continue our series on cleaning up your space with a look at objects around the house that can be simply thrown away. Past their expiration date, damaged beyond repair, or worn beyond the point of salvage, sometimes items are just too far gone to save and should no longer be allowed clutter up our homes!  Lets take out the trash, Deco & Bloom style with 20 things in Your Home to Throw out Today!

Broken or Expired Makeup: Check the dates on all of your cosmetics. Likelihood is, you’ve got some that is past it’s expiration date.  Go ahead and pitch the stuff that’s no longer usable.

Expired Medicine: Expired medicine can be both ineffective and detrimental to your health.  Check the labels for disposal instructions, and check out this link for more information on how to get rid of expired drugs safely: How to Dispose of Unused Medicines.

Freezer Burnt Food: Freezer burn can affect the taste, texture, and overall quality of your food.  Once the food is burnt, there’s really no fixing it, so stop saving that frozen steak, and clear out those old meals from your freezer.

Old Pillows: Old pillows, aside from just losing their firmness and providing neither support, nor comfort, are a fantastic nesting place for bed bugs. As such, they should be tossed as soon as they are replaced.

Store Reward Cards You Don’t Use: That card on your key-ring  for that store that went out of business three years ago? Safe to say you can probably pitch that one.

Broken Holiday Decorations: Every year you get it out and think, “Boy, I should really just throw this away.  As soon as the holiday is over I’ll throw it out.”  The holiday ends, and the broken decorations are once again packed back into storage to wait out another year.  Go through that storage today, and if it’s broken, throw it away!

Expired Canned Goods: Every pantry contains at least one can of food from ages past, with a faded label and an expiration date with a year ending in 86.  We keep telling ourselves, it’s canned, that must be at least 2086!  It’s not, please dispose of that can.

Old Take Out Condiments: Every time you order takeout Chinese you receive roughly 10 times more packets of soy sauce than you will use in your life time. Most of that is going to go into a drawer in your fridge or kitchen with every other condiment packet you have received when ordering take out.  It’s time to clean that drawer out.

Old Hangers From Every Dry Cleaners You’ve Ever Visited: When getting clothing back from the cleaners, there is a good chance that it will come with a coat hanger with some sort of advertisement on it.  There is an equally good chance that you already have about a million of these.  Unless you are in dire need of coat hangers, throw these away.

Broken Food Storage Containers: When you see that Tupperware with a crack and a hole in the bottom, you should go ahead and pitch it, unless you feel the need to store a leaking mess in your fridge.

Bras That Have Lost Their Underwire: If the bra has lost it’s underwire it will most likely give neither comfort, nor support.  It is safe to assume that you probably don’t wear this one too much anyway, so you should probably go ahead and throw it out.

Underwear That Have Lost Their Elasticity: If the underwear can no longer hold itself up, then it’s probably time for a new set of underwear.

Pot & Pan Holders That are too Filthy to Come Clean: If it’s so filth encrusted that no amount of scrubbing can save it, or if you are no long 100% certain what the original color of the pot holder was, you should probably not be bringing it too close to food anyway. Time for a trip to the store to pick up a new set of pot holders.

Broken Small Appliances: There is no way your husband is ever getting that toaster to work again, and even if he did, you have a new one that works far better, and looks far more advanced. It’s time for the old one to go.

Tangled and Broken Jewelry: If your dresser has a ball of jewelry that is knotted so well together that you’re pretty sure it would take less time to melt it down, and cast new jewelry than to untangle it, it’s probably time to throw it out.  Similarly, that one earring that doesn’t have a back, and the other piece of the matching set is missing? It can go too.

Pens and Markers That are Out of Ink: If you spend any amount of time writing at your desk, or even just sorting and paying bills there, look through your drawers to find a treasure trove of pens and markers that ran out of ink long ago.

Broken Crayons: On a similar note, if you have kids, look through their art supplies to find tons of broken crayons, markers, and colored pencils that are far beyond usability.

Stockings With Terrible Runs: Once stockings get a bad run in them there is no fixing it. You can try, but trust us, the result is not repaired stockings, it is stockings with one repaired run, and 15 new runs that are all worse than the original.

Electronic Cords That Don’t go to Anything: You’ve found a cord with some sort of bizarre shaped plug on one end that you are relatively certain can be plug into none of the devices that you routinely use. In fact, on further inspection you’re pretty sure that this cord won’t charge any device anywhere on Earth. Why is this cord still in your drawer?

That Old Vacuum Cleaner With no Suction That Your Husband Swears He’ll Fix: Spoiler alert: he doesn’t fix it. This device not only doesn’t have any suction, but it may actually make your carpets dirtier. Toss it now and save yourself the trouble later.