Feel Free to Pin & Share: Melanie Fisher + The Deco &  Bloom Team

Feel Free to Pin & Share: Melanie Fisher + The Deco & Bloom Team

In the third part of our on-going Let’s Clean House series we are going to look at the items in your home that you can sell. From hidden treasures, to vintage valuables, lets make some money, Deco & Bloom style, with things in your home to sell today.

CDs: There are a variety of stores that you can resell your CDs to if you no longer want to listen to them. If you have a large collection of CDs that you don’t want to keep around the house look for a local used music store to sell them  to, or put up a classified ad online.

Cassettes: Likelihood is that if you still have old cassettes, you no longer listen to them, opting instead for more modern media. What you may not realize is that the recent resurgence of archaic media types has once again made cassettes a viable commodity. Take them to your local music store with the CDs to see what you can get for them.

Records: If cassette tapes are like a hidden bit of cash, old records are now like a hidden golden nugget. Demand for vinyl records hasn’t been as high as it currently is in a great many years. If you have your old records you may be able to trade them in for a little cash, or even a lot if you have some rare favorites in your collection.

DVDs: DVDs that you no longer watch can be a great way to make a little bit of cash while you clean out your home. Take them down to your local media outlet to see what sort of prices they have on them, and trade them in if the price is right. DVDs are also a great item to sell by classified, and you may be able to get a little more money out of them online.

VHS: Believe it or not, there is actually still a thriving market for VHS tapes and VCRs.  While it is a little more difficult to find the market (most used media stores no longer accept VHS tapes) a little looking online will reveal those who are still interested in making such purchases.

Video Games: If you have old video games and consoles  lying around that neither you or the kids have played in ages, consider selling them.  You can sell them on Craigslist, or even to the same type of media stores that buy videos if you are looking to make a little extra quick cash.

Board Games: If your kids are grown, or you have grown out of some of your old board games there are always folks who are interested in board games. Looking through your home town for a game store may reveal a local place to sell the games, and putting an eBay ad or online classified ad can be a great way to attract collectors who would be glad to take those games off of your hands.

Antique Games: If you do decide to sell your board games it’s definitely worth looking online for other listings to see where you should set your price point, especially if the game is an older one. Many older games are much sought-after collector’s items that can bring in top dollar if taken to the right place.

Antiques: If you have any antiques around the house that you don’t use as display pieces, find a local antiques shop or historical society and see if they are interested.  You never know what you might have, and taking them down to get them appraised feels a little like your very own version of antiques roadshow!

Rarely Used Appliances That are Still in Good Condition: If you have old appliances in your home that are still in working order, but have since been replaced with better models, consider putting them up for sale on Craigslist. If you polish them up nicely, and take some good pictures you can get that fridge out of your garage, and put a bit of cash in your pocket at the same time.

Old Computers and Out of Date Laptops: If you’ve got an old computer lying around, or an out of date laptop, you can often sell them off to recoup a bit of the cost of the new one.  You can put it up online, on Craigslist, or on Ebay, but if you don’t want to worry about shipping you can check the local listings to find a computer shop nearby.  Sometimes these shops will buy an older computer to re-sell, refurbish, or even just to have some spare parts.

Knick-knacks: If you find that your home is cluttered with knick-knacks then a garage sale might be just what you need to get organized. Even if you sell these items for a very low price, selling enough of them will bring in a pretty penny and help keep your home from being too cluttered.

Art: Depending on where the art came from, it could fetch a fair price, and even if it is simply a piece of art purchased from a retail store, if you no longer like having it hanging on your walls selling it could bring in little money to use on some fresh new art for your home.

Furniture: If you have recently replaced a piece of large furniture but the old piece is still in decent condition then selling it through your local classified ads may not be a bad idea.  Getting a little cash back from your old sofa can help offset the cost of the new one.

Kids Clothing: If your little ones have outgrown their old clothing but left it in decent condition, and you aren’t planning on have any more children, then you may wish to take their clothing to the local used clothes store.  There are a number of different stores that will purchase and resell the clothing putting a little extra cash in your pocket.

TVs: When you purchase a new TV, stop before you throw out the old one. If the old TV is still in good condition then there is a good chance that you can still sell it, and cut down on the cost of that newer model.

Cars: After you have your new car off the lot, figuring out what to do with the old one can be something of a nightmare. Don’t just let that old, worn out set of wheels rust into the lawn, put it up for sale. Check your area for scrappers and junk yards who may pay you something for it if the car is no longer in working order.

Old Buildings: This one probably sounds somewhat odd at first, but there is actually a thriving market in many places for old, worn wood. With the demand for reclaimed wood as a building material in furniture, there are a number of companies out there looking to break down old buildings for scrap, many of which will pay you top dollar for the wood they collect while removing an old, possibly unsafe barn or shed from your property.

Old Jewelry: If you have old jewelry that you no longer wear or enjoy, this is an excellent item to look into selling. There are dozens of places around that will pay for old gold and silver, but a better option would be to put the jewelry up for sale online on places like eBay and Craigslist.

Books: Books are another item that can be a secret gold mine, especially if you have older books. Before you sell the books, if they are older, it’s always good to take them to a local used book store to see what they might be worth.  You never know when that old leather-bound volume could turn out to be a first addition classic.