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It’s almost holiday time and you know what that means? The in-laws are coming, the in-laws are coming! Never fear, you’re in luck because Deco & Bloom is here. If the thought of your mother in-law inspecting your space has you almost in tears, we’re going to help you polish your place into tip top shape, with our 4 part series Let’s Clean House. Lets start it off by daring to donate, Deco & Bloom style, with Let’s Clean House: 20 Things in Your Home to Donate Today!

Let’s Clean House: 20 Things in Your Home to Donate Today

Clothes That Don’t Fit and Aren’t in Fashion: If you have clothing that you or your children have outgrown, or clothes that have gone out of style since purchase, consider donating them. This frees up space in your closets and dressers, and could provide someone else with a fantastic new piece of clothing.

Old Shoes: If your closet contains shoes that no longer fit or are uncomfortable, consider donating these. No need to keep shoes around that you don’t wear when others have a hard time owning one pair.

Outdated Electronics: Outdated electronics, like vcrs, old mp3 players, or walkmans can all be donated to your local thrift store. Give those old electronics a new lease on life, and get rid of all of the electronic clutter around your home.

Unwanted Food: If your cupboards have a lot of canned or boxed foods that have been sitting for some time, find a local soup kitchen, or similar charity to donate it to. Charities are always looking for non-perishables, so clean out those cupboards and donate those unwanted foods to a good cause.

Large furniture: As you replace your furniture with newer models, finding a way to dispose of the old furniture can be difficult. Call around to your local charities and thrift shops. Many areas have charities that are only too happy to come out and pick up your unwanted furniture.

Ugly Appliances: Similar to the large furniture, if you have old appliances that still work, stop before you haul them to a dump. For many folks in need, the purchase of a new stove or fridge can be one that is simply outside their means, so consider donating your old appliances instead.

Clothes That Have Holes or Stains: If you have damaged clothing, or clothing with stubborn stains, consider donating these pieces of clothing. These articles of clothing are often reparable, so something that looks bad to you could be exactly what someone else needs.

Old Bedding: It’s always a good idea to replace your bedding regularly, and it is also an item that thrift stores and charities are always in need of. Definitely an item worth donating, rather than simply throwing away.

Handbags You Never Carry: If you have a coat closet full of handbags, purses, or clutches that you no longer carry with you, consider donating them to your local thrift store.

Those Sunglasses That Don’t Fit Quite Right: If you have old glasses or sunglasses that no longer fit quite the way they used to, there are a great item to box up and donate.

Mismatched Plates, Glasses and Silverware: Most homes have a set of mismatched plates, glasses, or silverware that almost never gets used.  These are all good options to donate to a local thrift store.  Who knows, that plate could complete someone else’s collection.

Board Games That are Rarely Used or Missing Pieces: Once your old board games aren’t getting much use, or have pieces that have been lost, you can donate them, knowing that somewhere out there, someone will still have a good time playing them.

Cell Phone Accessories You no Longer use: These are great pieces for donation since they tend to be so expensive new, and are a unique piece that thrift shops can always use more of.

Duplicate Pots and Pans You Never Use: Most kitchens contain a mismatched collection of pots and pans, with missing lids and duplicate pot sizes that are never used for cooking. Donate those pieces of forgotten food making equipment, and someone will use them to prepare a delicious meal.

Baby Toys and Books: Keep your favorites and donate the rest if you don’t plan on having any more little ones.

Ugly or Old Home Decor: What you may think is ugly, may be just what someone else is looking for. That weird old lamp the wood around the base could be turned into a spectacular upcycle project for a young family in need.

Hideous Art Work: You know that terrible painting that is stored in your basement of a boat or some birds, or an old hunting dog? Please, I beg of you, just donate it. Some lovely elderly man with a cabin might actually want that terrible painting, but you clearly don’t.

Baby Clothes: If you have children, you most likely have some clothing that is still perfectly good, but but no longer fits your kids. Don’t let those pieces just take up space, donate them so someone can get some use out of them.

Unused Musical Instruments: This is such a big one for me, music is such a gift to children, and a lot of schools are forced to shut down their music programs due to lack of funding. Call your local school or church and see if they have any need for that old tuba that’s stored in your attic.

Pet Supplies: Animal shelters are always on the look out for old blankets, food, toys and even canned goods. Call your local Animal Shelter and ask them what sort of items they are in need of before throwing anything away.