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Feel Free to Pin & Share: Kara Wells + The Deco & Bloom Team

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree is holiday tradition for families the world around, stretching back hundreds of years. Every year people gather with their loved ones around a beautiful conifer, to deck it out in luminous lights, gorgeous garlands, and beautiful baubles. In today’s world, where we are constantly searching for ways to protect our environment, this ages old tradition needs an update to a more eco-friendly one, so let’s get to decorating and helping the environment, Deco & Bloom style, with eco friendly Christmas tree options this holiday season.

Build Your Own Tree: One way to make sure that your Christmas tree is environmentally friendly this year is to build the tree out of recycled materials from around your own home.  There are a number of different tutorials available around the web on building your tree from everything from old clothes hangers to old pipe.  Check them out for some unique ideas for your holiday decor.

Replant Your Tree: If you have a live tree, and you make sure that it is well watered and cared for throughout the season, then it can be replanted after the holidays are over. As an additional plus, this is great family activity, and a great way to ensure that young children learn the importance of being eco-friendly in a fun way.

Use A Potted Tree: When picking out your Christmas tree, take a look at smaller, potted trees.  These trees can be kept from year to year, and will grow as your family grows.  When the tree becomes to big to fit back indoors at the beginning of the Christmas season, you can plant it with your family, and start the cycle anew.

Recycle Your Tree: If you live in a place where you cannot replant the tree then you can still stay eco-friendly by re-purposing the tree after the holidays.  There are numerous ways to reuse parts or all of the tree, especially if you have an interest in woodworking or decorating.

Rent a Tree: There are dozens of companies who offer the service or tree rental. They will deliver a live tree, straight to your home, and at the end of the season they will pick the tree back up, take it back to their farm, and re-plant the tree.  This is a great way to save time and hassle of getting a tree home yourself, and is a wonderfully environmentally friendly way to have your Christmas tree this year.