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We have a huge treat in store for you today!

While coming up with a list of home decor brands to feature on our site, during a recent staff meeting, I immediately offered up one of my favorites, Painted Fox Treasures.

Painted Fox offers vintage and new farm house chic decor, which as most of you know is one of our favorite styles here at Deco & Bloom (and one of my personal favorites as well♥!)

When deciding which brand to feature on our launch day, we thought ‘who better embodies the spirit of the amazing Deco & Bloom reader than the hard working, decor loving co-founders of Painted Fox Treasures, Christine Hebbring and Jennifer Murray?’

Recently, I was able to dish with Christine and Jen, to discuss all things Decor, and get the inside scoop on their inspiration, style, and what’s next for the PFt Brand.

Feel Free to Pin & Share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Deco &  Bloom Team

Feel Free to Pin & Share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Deco & Bloom Team

Jen and Christine, thank you so much for taking the time out of your super busy schedules today to talk about your lovely site! The Deco & Grace Brand has been a big fan of Painted Fox Treasures ever since we reviewed PFt on our first site V&K over a year ago. Today, as we launch our newest site Deco & Bloom, we are so pleased to have such a beloved brand here with us to celebrate and dish. For our readers who may be unfamiliar with your brand, can you tell us a little bit about how you came up with the idea for Painted Fox Treasures?

Painted Fox is the fruition of dreams and passions for Jen and I. We started off as treasure hunting best friends with cross-body bags, wallets and hand sanitizer! The pair of us were always hunting about, in search of the perfect piece to add a certain flavor to the eclectic decor of our own homes. Goodwill, St. Vinnies, Salvation Army, Auctions, Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Art Shows, Antique Malls, Estate Sales, even curbside throw aways!

Jen and I have always been ready for a good hunt. But, in the end, we began to run out of space. The trouble was, we hadn’t run out of ambition. So came Painted Fox. We had a light bulb moment, an epiphany of sorts. Why not sell our finds? Why not a shop? Why not online? That way we could share our love of quirky farmhouse cool objects with a bigger audience. And so it began, Painted Fox.

Our roots first grew on Facebook, in the feeds of Buy Sell Trade groups. The groupies came fast and we found ourselves meeting in Marshalls and Walgreens parking lots with lines of women who had arrived to trade dollars for treasures. We were becoming quite a spectacle, and the harsh Wisconsin winters were not a friend to us! We were quickly ousted from Facebook. They flagged us due to high traffic and gave us the final boot because we were not a ‘person’ as there was no Ms. Painted Fox.

We moved to a small web-server and started shipping our finds. Eventually the volume of sales began to make it far too hard to keep up with the demand of hunting for, photographing, listing and selling single items. We began hunting for wholesale products that honored the farmhouse style and swag that we had become known for. We search high and low to offer fresh, funky, unexpected farmhouse/industrial style products to our customers.

Our shop has grown and grown. We outgrew our first site and moved over to a bigger better server. We find ourselves working with incredible designers, bloggers, writers and best of all incredible wholesalers and customers. Our social media presence is solid. We have over 50K followers on Instagram and our numbers are growing fast on Facebook and Twitter also. We are on Houzz, Polyvore, Wanalo, and Pinterest. We have been featured on dozens of blogs and published online and in print.

Reading our names in Fast Company magazine and seeing our products pictured in home decor magazines is incredible and admittedly surreal! It has been a true dream come true and we couldn’t love Painted Fox more!

Found Vintage Grain Sack-Painted Fox Treasures

Found Vintage Grain Sack-Painted Fox Treasures

Your passion for Painted Fox is nearly tangible and you both are such great role models to other women looking to start a successful small company on their own. As two women in the mostly male dominated world of business, what unique perspectives do you believe you both bring to the process of building a stylish home decor brand?

We are right in the trenches of this business. We do not have an extensive staff. Our company is run purely by family members and the two of us have our hands in every single bit of it. Because of this total immersion in the business, we quite honestly aren’t aware of the gender specifics of the business world around us. We have been so blessed to work with incredible individuals in every part of the business. Wholesalers, sales representatives, FedEx and UPS drivers, mail carriers, truck drivers, bloggers, artisans and best of all customers have filled our days with vibrant and positive interactions…this keeps us current in the market and keeps the business fresh for us each and every day.

Christine, PFt is obviously such a personal extension of both you and Jen. You both are so present in every detail of the company that I’m sure you you must have an interesting story behind it’s unique and whimsical name. Could you please share with us, it’s origin and meaning?

The name Painted Fox has several meanings to Jen and I.

The ‘Painted’ part of our name represents individuality and the treasured surprise of unique and unexpected additions to your nest. ‘Painted’ reminds us of the sparkle that a touch of personality adds to a space. Not one of us needs to be just like the other. In our uniqueness, we are treasures.

The ‘Fox’ symbolizes the elusive hunt for fabulous, interesting, farmhouse treasures. For us, the fox also symbolizes a quiet, peaceful knowing that loved ones who are no longer with us, are quietly and lovingly watching over us. One of my (Christine’s) brothers, Fritz, fought a brave battle with Depression for many years. He was one of my dearest friends and lived a vibrant life filled with love and genuine kindness. After his passing, we all began to see foxes. Not just a couple, but many! Several of us had foxes build dens in our yards and places of business! On our first summer reunion without Fritz, a fox had build a den the week of our arrival, right beneath my parent’s cabin, and made regular visits to our campfires. Even sitting beneath a chair eating marshmallows! A Fox and Pups spent a spring in our neighboring field. We watched them frolic and grow right out our windows. Each of knows that the fox was Fritz’s way of saying ‘I am well and I am with you. Now take good care of one another and live your lives fully.’ So, this made the Fox an easy fit for the business. A business run on honor and kindness, with a mission of filling homes with treasures that express the personalities and joys of those living there. Just as Fritz lived his life.

Cast Iron Cheese Mice - Painted Fox Treasures

Cast Iron Cheese Mice – Painted Fox Treasures

Christine, thank you for sharing such a personal story. Here at Deco & Bloom, we believe that every piece of home decor, and every piece of furniture has a story that starts with the people who create it. Your story is so inspirational and touching, and it shows in the pieces you choose for your collections. Your Style has been described as farmhouse chic, how would you both describe your style to our readers?

Our inventory is comprised of treasures acquired from near and far. We are thrilled to be able to say that every PFt piece has a story to tell …and will feel like it has been a part of your home forever. We work with artisans, manufacturers and vendors from across the globe. The inventory we offer is a little farmhouse… a little industrial… a little whimsical… a little cozy… a little unexpected. We love to infuse beautiful antique and vintage reproduction items that are new in age… but old in design. We also love infusing that twist of personality, pop of color and hint of quirky! It all boils down to what we love. Painted Fox is the home our dreams. If we had a house big enough, we would have one of everything in it! We honestly don’t sell a single thing that we wouldn’t want for ourselves! The product has to make our heart pitter-patter and our eyebrows raise up before we consider adding to a Painted Fox Collection.

Tell us about your products, what is their journey like before they make their way into the homes of your customers?

Our products come from hither and yon! We work with a loooooooong list of wholesalers and artisans. Each product has a unique journey. Some are special ordered, other’s are custom made. We hold much of our inventory in house and also work with makers who ship directly upon order. Additionally, we work with vintage procurement agencies who travel the globe looking for gorgeous found items. Some of our items may take a bit of time to arrive on our customer’s doorstep, but we think they would agree when we say ‘We promise, it will be worth the wait!’. It is such an interesting day and age to do business in. We feel that we have made so many dear friends, and most of them, we have never met in person. Email, conference call, social media, FaceTime and Skype have offered us the incredible ability to connect with artisans, manufacturers and creatives who would otherwise be out of reach. The list is never complete, because lucky for us, we continue to grow this list of ‘loved ones’ and their treasures, in our pursuit to grow and enhance Painted Fox.

Glass Bottle in Crate -Painted Fox Treasures

Glass Bottle in Crate -Painted Fox Treasures

Your items have a beautifully cohesive feeling, how do you manage to find such stunning pieces that all represent your style and brand?

Isn’t amazing that such an eclectic and broad collection can feel cohesive? I mean honestly, sometimes we step back from it ourselves and smile with amazement and a little bit of guilty pride. The answer to ‘how?’ is a bit mystifying, even for us. Here is what we have finally concluded, The Painted Fox Collection of farm.house.SWAG ends up with a cohesive feel, because it comes from the heart. Sounds trite. But so true. Every single item is chosen by Jen and I. In order for the product to join our ranks, it has to call out to us and really stop us in our tracks. To say that we are always on the hunt would be an understatement. We are CONSTANTLY looking for new products. Quite literally, everywhere we go we are looking for things that holler our name. It is not uncommon to see us checking for labels or names on the treasures in the homes of friends and family, carefully taking things off the wall or turning them upside down in pursuit of another great Painted Fox treasure. We regularly can be seen taking photos in shops, stores, on home tours, markets, literally anywhere that something catches our eye! Yep, we are THOSE people. The ones you wonder ‘what the heck is that woman doing?’, and proud of it!

Christine and Jen, thanks again for sitting down with us to speak about your amazing brand. Looking ahead into the next couple of years, what can we expect to see from Painted Fox Treasures?

The answer to this question is short and sweet. More. More. More. We want you to see more of Painted Fox. We want to keep spreading more of the farm.house.SWAG and sharing more of the kindness and respect that we give and receive as we have the privilege of running this dynamic and exciting business. We want to work with more creatives and send our treasures to more incredible customers. More.

Special thanks to Christine Hebbring and Jennifer Murray of Painted Fox Treasures for this interview. For more information about Painted Fox Treasures and their Farm House Swag Home Decor Please Visit their site Here.

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