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Recently we caught up with Mrs. Whitaker of Charisma Home Decor to have a little chat about their company, their design style and the source of their artistic inspiration. We we’re so inspired by the perseverance of a small brand with a ton of heart that we decided to feature them for Behind the Brand.

Nursery Themed Home Decor From the Home Decor Discovery Site

Behind the Brand with Charisma Home Decor From the Home Decor Discovery Site

Mrs. Whitaker, Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us here today. Deco & Grace has always enjoyed a long standing friendship with your company, dating back to the release of our very first site Vintage & Kind, so we’re so pleased that you were able to join us for this interview! Let’s dive right in, where did you find the inspiration to start Charisma Home Decor?
Charisma was started and founded by my husband and myself. We have both always had a passion for arts and crafts. Ironically we met in art class in high school. However, with work and 9 children we never thought we’d be able to obtain a business. With the encouragement of our children we decided to combine my love for decorating and crafting, and his love for painting into an online business. We went with home decor because nothing is more welcoming, and inspiring than a lovely home.
Photo Property of Charisma Home Decor

Photo Property of Charisma Home Decor

I love that you two have such a rich history together, at Deco & Bloom we believe that every piece of decor has a story and it starts with the people who have put their hardwork and creativity into making it. In your decor, there is a very notable underlying theme of patterns, color, and texture in all of your pieces. What draws you toward such vibrant materials when designing your Decor?
What draws us to vibrant materials and patterns is our love for art combing with home decorating. We want our items to represent decor but we also want our items to represent art, chic and creativity. Your home is a reflection of who you are and it should have a distinct presence. That’s why we focus on home decor items that’ll make a statement. The key to doing that is designing around vibrant modern patterns, colors and trends.
While you are designing around those patterns and colors what would you say was your biggest artistic influence during the creation of your line?
Our biggest artistic influence was the crackle glass paint technique with a classy, refined spin. Even our items that aren’t crackle finish based such as our pillows when we create them we try to make them correspond with a crackle glass look and style.
Photo Property of Charisma Home Decor

Photo Property of Charisma Home Decor


We’ve definitely noticed the influence of the crackle glass paint technique in your decor. How would you describe the overall style that defines your brand?

The overall style that defines our brand is elegance with an unique artistic flare that you can’t find or create anywhere else.
Thanks again for speaking with us today. It’s always inspiring to see a small artisan company who is so passionate about their work. It’s time for the pressing question that all of our readers are excited to know, what can we expect next from Charisma Home Decor?
Our Fall 2015 line will have embroidered handcrafted throw pillows with a modern finish. Beyond that, you can expect more artisan style products with finesse such as our crackle glass vases and decorative throw pillows. You can also expect antique inspired jewelry boxes to be added to our line soon.

For any of our readers interested in checking out Charisma Home Decor Further, Please visit their Artistic Home Decor Site Here