Feel Free to Pin & Share: Kara Wells + The Deco & Bloom Team

Feel Free to Pin & Share: Kara Wells + The Deco & Bloom Team

When it comes to picking the perfect spot for your dream wedding some places stand out due to their romantic nature, friendly people, and beautiful surroundings. Nestled in the north eastern most corner of the United States, New England definitely has a plethora of gorgeous locals that come to mind when looking for a glamorous getaway. Know for it’s food, wines, history, and stunning scenery, it’s tough to go wrong with a good New England town. Let’s get married, Deco & Bloom style, with Popular Wedding Destinations in New England


Martha’s Vineyard – When it comes to history and tradition in the North East, it’s tough to beat Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you come for the views of the ocean, the historic charm, or the delicious local fare, it’s tough to go wrong with a wedding here. Be sure to try the local wines and cheeses, and get out and see the area’s islands while you are here for a unique experience that just can’t be beaten.

Newport RI – If you are looking for an area with an upscale feeling, give Newport a try. The historical mansions, brilliant scenery, and the strong culture will have you ready to move into the area in a heartbeat. Know for being a playground for the rich, this area has an old money feel to it that gives it a sort of classical charm. One of the biggest attractions that this area has to offer are the tours of the golden age estates lining it’s streets.

Manchester VT – If a rustic stay in the mountains surrounded by the majesty of nature is more your speed, then Manchester has you covered. The fall and winter seasons in this area bring some of the most impressive views of the wild country side, and there are plenty of historic estates and wilderness cabins ensure that you will have a fun place to stay at no matter what sort of wedding you are planning. While in Vermont, be sure to try some of the authentic, locally produced maple syrup for a sweet treat.

Penobscot Bay ME – This location, set right on the bays and inlets of Maine, has all the small town charm you could want, with an easy drive to all of the big city amenities you could need. Fresh seafood, and other unique local flavors will ensure that local catering will keep your guests talking, and the surrounding hilltops can provide a wonderful local with a beautiul ocean backdrop for your dream wedding. Check out the local coffee shops, restaurants, and stores for some quaint charm that will quickly have you loving this seaside getaway.

Portland ME – Located not far from Penobscot Bay, Portland is an excellent choice for those looking for a more modern spot for their special day. While the area does have an excellent historical background, it’s modern industries are one of it’s main attractions, including it’s thriving micro-brewery culture. An ideal choice for a young couple looking for a unique place to hold a wedding with friends and family.

Pioneer Valley – Located along the Connecticut river, this area boasts a lively group of towns that have become a booming cultural center in recent years while maintaining a fascinating connection with the local history. Take in a show in one of the local theaters, tour one of the local vineyards or orchards, and be sure to take a look at any of the local ballrooms for an opulent location for your ceremony. The local cuisine is widely known, and hiring a local caterer is a great way to treat you and your guests to some delicious and traditional New England foods you might otherwise miss. Where is your favorite wedding destination in New England? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win our monthly drawing.