Feel Free to Pin & Share: Jenn Mason + The Deco & Bloom Team

Feel Free to Pin & Share: Jenn Mason + The Deco & Bloom Team

Whether it’s day to day living, or entertaining friends and family, the kitchen is the room in our homes that sees the most use. If your kitchen is out dated, the process of remodeling may seem like a nightmare, both economically and chronologically, but we have a few suggestions to bring your home into the modern era. Let’s recondition our kitchens, Deco & Bloom style, with Ways to Update Your Kitchen for Under $500.

Rustoleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit – One of the most exposed features in your kitchen is the cabinetry, so if it is faded or worn, the first impression that many people will when entering the room is one that it is outdated. Breath new life into those old wooden storage spaces with a refinishing kit from Rustoleum. Clear and simple instructions will demystify the process of redoing your cabinets, inside and out with a brand new look that will be sure to give your kitchen a far more modern look.

Replace All Cabinet Knobs and Pulls – The finishes of your drawers and cupboards are almost as important as the rest of their exteriors, and an updated exterior won’t do any good if the hardware is still out of date. Even without re-doing the full outside, just updating the pulls, knobs, and hinges in your kitchen can bring a whole new look to the space, and can go a surprisingly long way towards bringing it up to date.

Add in a New/ Modern Faucet – The faucet is easily the most actively used appliance in the kitchen, with applications in every activity from hand washing to food prep. Replacing a faucet is a task that may seem daunting at first glance, but can actually be done in a spare hour or two with a couple of simple tools. This is one of the easiest fixes that can be applied to a kitchen, and the impact that it makes on the room is huge.

Maximize Storage Potential – In a cooking space, there are few things worse than clutter. A space without room makes it tough to work in, and looks messy and unorganized. To de-clutter those counters, add additional organizers to your cupboards and drawers. Extra shelving, and hanging organizers on the backs of doors can add tons of storage for those small items, and can ensure that everything that you need regularly is close at hand. Hanging wall baskets, cup rails, and spice racks are also excellent ways to preserve space and give your kitchen a nice clean appearance.

Rustoleum Counter-top Kits – Now that your counters are clear, their surfaces are going to be another place that will be highly visible to anyone entering your kitchen. Unfortunately, counters have a bad habit of aging very poorly, between old designs, stains, and cracks, and cost a lot of time and money to replace. Fortunately, the excellent folks at Rustoleum make a counter-top conversion kit, that can renew your old counters, hiding damage and wear, and give them a whole new look in a variety of styles perfect for the look of any home. What is your favorite inexpensive kitchen update? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win our monthly drawing!