Feel Free to Pin & Share: Melanie Fisher + The Deco & Bloom Team

Feel Free to Pin & Share: Melanie Fisher + The Deco & Bloom Team

Organization is a key factor in keeping any home clean, but there is a good chance that your home contains certain places that, no matter how well organized your main living spaces are, will always be bastions of disorder. From cluttered closets, to disorganized drawers,  let’s clean house Deco & Bloom Style with the 10 Most Disorganized Places in Your Home.

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10 Most Disorganized Places in your Home

The Medicine Cabinet:  Medicine cabinets are one of the easiest places in your home to become disorganized, since they are a place we rarely think about cleaning. Depending on what medicines you generally keep on hand, this can be a potentially dangerous habit to get into. Be sure to check your medicines regularly for expired medicine, and try to keep the cabinet organized in a first in, first out method to help avoid medicines spoiling.

The Pantry: Our pantries are often a jumble of old cans and boxes of food we never use.  When you are cleaning the pantry out, be sure to check the expiration dates on the food.  If there is food that has not yet reached it’s expiration date, it can be donated if you don’t plan on using it.  If the food is expired, try composting, for an environmentally friendly solution.

The Kitchen Cabinets: Much like your pantry, kitchen cabinets often contain both old food, and unused cookware.  The unused cookware is another good option for donation, along with food that is not expired.  When you are cleaning it is a good idea to get rid of any damaged cookware as well, especially if you have since replaced it.

The Spare Room: Spare rooms are often where old boxes that needed stored out of site end up.  Clean up the boxes, donating anything that is still good, and throw away anything that is no longer usable.

The Car Trunk: Old tools, car pieces, and debris from car trips tend to accumulate in the trunks of most cars. While cleaning these out, throw away any old bottles or boxes, and organize those tools into your garage or basement.  Many trunks contain a wheel well for storing any tools or supplies that you commonly need while on the road.

The Coat Closet: Coat closets tend to accumulate old outerwear and shoes.  When cleaning the closet out, be sure to check the condition of any coats, jackets, or shoes you no longer use.  If they aren’t badly damaged, they can be donated to the local thrift store.

The Attic/Basement: The attic and basement tend to be the storage places for many of the same sorts of things that are normally stored in the spare room.  Check any boxes of clothing, or old bedding you find for mildew and mold, and determine if they are still something you would wear or sleep in, and get rid of them if not.

Under the Bed: Old clothing and decor tend to find their way under our beds.  A good organization solution for the area under the bed is low profile plastic storage containers.  Many of them have wheels to allow them to be quickly and easily slid back and forth under the bed.  This can be a good storage spot for clothing that is not commonly worn, or extra bedding.

The Junk Drawer: Junk drawers are something found in the kitchen of many homes containing all of the small items that don’t have another place.  Many of the items within these drawers can to moved out to another part of the home where they can find a more permanent home. If the item has no other storage space, consider making one or, if there is no reason to store the item long-term, consider donating it or disposing of it if the item is beyond repair.

Under the Kitchen Sink: Most people store cleaning products below their sinks.  This area should be cleaned out regularly to ensure that all of the cleaning products have not passed their expiration date, as expired cleaners often lose potency.  Plastic baskets are a great way to group and organize your cleaning supplies below the sink.  While the area beneath the sink is being organized it is also a good idea to wipe down the walls of the cupboard, and check the drain pipes for leaks, since moisture from leaky pipes can cause mold.

What is the most disorganized place in your home?  Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win our monthly drawing!